I’m Andy Van Grinsven

I’m a personal trainer and strength coach serving the Nashville, Tennessee area, where I was born and raised.

I show average Joes and Janes how to move better, get stronger than they ever imagined, and learn to enjoy strength training and the positive effects it has on them physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Oh, and shed some serious body fat, too. And I make them laugh. Fitness and training don’t have to be so serious! Let’s have some fun in the gym.

I’m a beer and coffee and deadlifting obsessed Nashville native. Born and raised in the best state, Tennessee.

Some of my favorite things:

Lifting heavy things

My furbaby Jane get’s a break from her cardio

My Story:

I was a 130-pound math-loving nerd. I’d played sports my whole life but I was small, weak, and not terribly athletic.

In other words, I made for a terrible football player and wrestler, where I got my ass handed to me all the time.

I got fed up.

I was tired of being the smallest and weakest guy in the gym. So I started lifting weights with friends – in part so I could hang out with them more –  but mostly because I wanted to fit in and feel more confident about myself.

After awhile, I forgot about “fitting in” with a crowd I realized I didn’t even like, and instead focused my energy on my friends, lacrosse, and trying to get jacked in the gym. The weight room and the lacrosse field became my sanctuary. I played well, and after putting on some mass was finally able to body-up the other players.

I had found my place

In college, I shaped my love for strength training into a field of study. I graduated from the University of Tennessee with a B.S. in Kinesiology, and further, a Master’s in Exercise Physiology.

Now I spend my days helping young and old alike strengthen their bodies like they’ve never thought possible:

Whether it’s the first chin-up or a double bodyweight deadlift, we’re smashing goals like nobody’s business. We’re capitalizing on our strengths, fighting our weaknesses, and learning a little about each other along the way.

I have been a personal trainer for 6+ years, training everyone from the busy CEO and lawyer to the budding young professional to the youth athlete.

I’ve volunteered as a strength coach with three local high schools. I’ve helped high school, collegiate, and professional athletes gain the competitive edge. Shown average men and women that they, too, can get ridiculously strong and physically capable. 

Busy CEO John pulling an easy 225# deadlift for 3 reps

My “She Beasts” repping their deadlifts.

Does your realtor even lift?

My wife banging out some TRX Pikes!

Why that’s important to you:


I’ve helped kids and adults alike learn how to safely and effectively use the gym to improve their lives, their strength, and their game.

I’ve worked with everyone of all ages, shapes, sizes, and abilities. No matter what obstacles may come our way, I know how to help you overcome them. We’ll overcome them together.

And, let’s be honest: media and magazines have made fitness and nutrition a complete clusterfuck. I’m here to show you that getting stronger and leaner is way simpler than you think.

Let me set you on the right path to real results. No bullshit. 

And you know what? I practice what I preach: I log thousands of hours each year in the weight room coaching real people.

I’m not some random guy with a laptop and internet connection coaching people from my ass on the couch. I’m in the trenches, coaching people Every. Single. Day.

Here are just a few of the folks I work with each and every week:



IMG_2776 IMG_2770 IMG_2755 IMG_2737 IMG_2718 IMG_2706 IMG_2695 IMG_2629 IMG_2592 IMG_2576IMG_2878 IMG_2789

You can trust that I live and breathe coaching and training.

Whether you’re trying to build muscle, lose fat, or just move a little better so you can hang with your kids, I’ll show you how the gym can build the strongest, leanest, and most mobile version of your body.

There is an athlete in you!

Let’s discover YOUR inner-athlete.